LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS ON CANVAS (prices range from £200 - £1400)
© All copyright remains with the artist
Kilmanorth Woods.jpg
Kilminorth Woods - (100x100 cm on Canvas)
Day after Day May Rise (March Trees) I.j
Day After Day May Rise (March Trees) II.
So the Day May Rise - March Trees (50 x 60 cm on Canvas) I (SOLD) & II
The Wild Trees That Call II.jpg
The Wild Trees That Call I.jpg
The Wild Trees That Call I (SOLD) & II (50 x 60cm on canvas)
With Inward Glory Crowned (60 x 50 cm on canvas) RESERVED
Bertie Place, Oxford.jpg
Bertie Place, Oxford (NFS)
I Walked Among Them.jpg
I walk among them study.jpg
I Walked Among Them, March 2021 SOLD
I Walked Among Them (study), March 2021 SOLD
Precipice (The White Horse), Nov 2020 SOLD
Cumnor Hill Jan 2020.jpg
Cumnor Hill Jan 2021 (60 x 50 cm) 
Over your Bones.jpg
Over your Bones III.jpg
Over your Bones I, II SOLD & III Jan/Feb 2021 (A2 paper)
The Silent Hours.jpg
The Alchemist (50 x 60 cm on Canvas) (SOLD) & The Silent Hours (SOLD)
Electric Avenue.jpg
Electric Avenue Nov 2020 SOLD
Missing II.jpg
Missing (Study) NFS, Oct 2020
Missing (SOLD)
For them.jpg
Lockdown II.jpg
Lockdown I.jpg
South Hinksey untitled I&II (I SOLD)
Sicilian Wedding NFS
France I.jpg
Into the Light (study) SOLD; Into the Light I SOLD; Into the Light II (SOLD)
Remember the Colours I & II (for Elisabeth Feodorovna) SOLD
Fading light.jpg
Silver Light I&II (SOLD) 
Silver Light.jpg
Between Here and There I  & II (BOTH SOLD)
Embers - SOLD
Walking - SOLD
You Were Here I & II BOTH SOLD
Kingsands, Cornwall SOLD
Song for Grace II SOLD
What Would the World Be 1.jpg
What Would The World Be (SOLD) 
Amid the Blue Haze (SOLD)
Gone (Boers Hill). SOLD
Wittenham Clumps I - SOLD
The Gift - SOLD
The Bird that Winds the Spring SOLD
Study I.jpg
Study III.jpg
Study II.jpg
From Here to Eternity Studies I-III (ALL SOLD)
From Here to Enternity - SOLD
What Remains - SOLD
Without a Dream to Keep - SOLD
The King's Seat - SOLD
You are everywhere (The White Horse) SOLD
Slowly Rose the Mist - Scotland SOLD
For Nell - NFS
Untitled - Lincolnshire (50 x 60 cm on Canvas) 
A New Moon.jpg
A New Moon, Dec 2020 SOLD
Walking the Ridgeway I & II (BOTH SOLD)
The Age of Reason.jpg
The Age of Reason, Nov 2020 SOLD
Boers Hill.jpg
Boars Hill, Dec 2020
Landing Light (Oxfordshire) - SOLD
On the Ridgeway - SOLD
1944 (SOLD)