PRICE RANGE £80-£400

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Cornish Storm IV.jpg
Cornish Storm III.jpg
Cornish Storm II.jpg
Cornish Storm I-IV
Spring 1.jpg
Spring 2.jpg
Spring I & II
Looking towards Wytham Woods 
February Rain
Last Light  I & II BOTH SOLD
Sundown I & II BOTH SOLD
First Snow, Calais, December 2017 SOLD
Two hours North of Paris  I & II  SOLD
Whispering Trees I.jpg
Whispering Trees II.jpg
Whispering Trees Study I & II (SOLD)
I was there once III.jpg
I was there once I.jpg
I was there once II.jpg
I was there once IV.jpg
I Was Once There Studies I-IV (SOLD)
Open Ground - SOLD
Untitled (Whitehrse)
Gone at last (Whitehorse)
Nightime in Hinksey Park.jpg
Nightime Walking II.jpg
Nightime Walking III.jpg
Nightime Walking !.jpg
Night-time Walking (Hinksey Park) Studies I-IV SOLD
Studies for On the Ridgeway (prequel to Ashes) I-V SOLD
The Sky is Falling (Oxfordshire) Study II & II - SOLD
From the Roman Road, Leafield II -  SOLD
From the Roman Road, Leafield I SOLD
Creuse 5.jpg
Creuse 3.jpg
Creuse 1.jpg
Creuse 6.jpg
Creuse 4.jpg
Creuse 7.jpg
Heat I-VI
Trees 3.jpg
Trees 4.jpg
Trees 2.jpg
Trees 1.jpg
Trees 5.jpg
Trees I-VII (all SOLD)